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Meet the team of professionals in Cardozo Ordoñez firm:

Cardozo Luna

CEO. Doctor of Legal and Socioeconomic Sciences from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Labeled by Chambers & Partners as one of the top labor attorneys of the country and ranked in Best Lawyer 2020. Arbitrator (AA) for the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá.

Sonia Patricia
Martínez Guzmán

Partner to the Social Security Law Department. Doctor of Law and Political Sciences from Universidad Santo Tomás in Bogotá. Specialist in Private Economic Law from that same university.

Félix Enrique
Rodríguez Navarrete

Partner to the Litigation Department. Juris Doctor (JD) from Universidad La Gran Colombia. Specialist in Evidence Law from Universidad Sergio Arboleda. Ranked by Chambers & Partners as “promising attorney” and in Best Laywer 2020.

Javier Hernando
Villalobos Galvis

Partner to the Contract & Commercial Law, Audit, & UGPP Department. Juris Doctor (JD) from Universidad de la Sabana. Specialist in Commercial Law from Universidad de los Andes.

Cardozo Ordóñez

Partner to the Liaison & Commercialization Department. Juris Doctor (JD) from Universidad de La Sabana. Specialist in Journalism from Universidad de los Andes.

Camilo Andrés
Salinas Ortiz

Juris Doctor (JD) from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Specialist in Labor Law from that same university.
Cardozo Ordoñez


Our teamwork, based on mutual respect and permanent feedback, makes us proud to provide an excellent service to our clients.

Cardozo Ordóñez


To our firm, the exercise of law is an art, understood as a social duty, that our lawyers and employees develop through a commitment to honesty, loyalty, and excellence.

Cardozo Ordoñez

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