Collective Labor Law
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Our experience allows us to build solid bridges in collective negotiation, seeking a win-win agreement under the premise of respect for the company-union relationship.

  • Advice on collective disputes.
  • Training of negotiators.
  • Pre-negotiation.
  • Formulation of strategies.
  • Analysis of list of demands.
  • Attendance at the negotiating table.
  • Advice on strikes.
  • Attendance of meetings at the Ministry of Labor.
  • Drafting of the collective labor convention.
  • Strategies of the collective labor agreement.
  • Collective labor agreements.
  • Administrative procedures.
  • Advice on arbitration hearings.
  • Collective agreements.
  • Support of the annulment appeal before the Supreme Court of Justice – Labor Cassation Division.
  • Arbitration courts to support actions for annulment.